BUFALINDA is a large scale integrated buffalo dairy manufacturing operation located in Venezuela with a production capacity of 5 tons of fresh buffalo mozzarella products per day.

Bufalinda and its associate farms raise and milk more than 10,000 buffalo cows of Murrah (Indian origin) and Mediterranean (Italian origin) breeds, in 8 large scale herring bone dairy stalls utilizing GEA Farm Technologies’ equipment. We process our own milk making food safety and quality control top priorities.

We utilize an Almac mozzarella line with steam stretching technology that renders high quality products under rigorous sanitary conditions which meet both FDA and international food safety standards. Our milk is HTST pasteurized with PMO compliant equipment and is processed within 48 hours of extraction.

Our products are completely traceable. Our cheeses are tracked beginning at milk production, storage, transportation, continuing with milk treatment all the way to cheese manufacturing, storage and shipping.

Bufalinda was founded on the principles of Animal Welfare and Environmental Sustainability. We believe and practice sustainable farming and strictly prohibit the use of pesticides. Bufalinda is a world leader in tropical pasture grazing technology, assuring the continuous improvement of the fertility of our land.

We can also offer our delicious mozzarella cheeses under your own brand. Just contact us so we can coordinate the details.
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